A good relationship:
how do we accomplish that?

A good relationship: how do we accomplish that? More than 400 people showed up for this TBI / Radboud Reflects event. So we are interested in knowing how to build and maintain a good relationship. Why is it so hard to maintain a good relationship?

Both psychologist Esther Kluwer and philosopher Marc De Kesel shed some light on these difficult, but important, questions.

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Thesis published
Hineni: In Imitatie van Abraham

Alisa Kasmir, student in our Spiritual Direction group of 2015–2017, had her thesis for the course published by Liturgical Press (Minnesota, USA). The title is
Hineni: In Imitation of Abraham.
‘A helpful resource for anyone interested in spirituality beyond easy answers or (in)convenient labels, Hineni: In Imitation of Abraham is a stark exploration of what it truly means to be present—to yourself, to the one before you, and to the one we call God.’

Writings of Titus Brandsma
Translation text Geert Grote

Susan Verkerk-Wheatley and Anne-Marie Bos translated fragments from the first three articles (of the six part series) about Geert Groote, published in ‘De Gelderlander, October-November 1938. 
…He is the father of the ‘Modern Devotion’, a new school of thought in the perception of the Catholic Faith which placed particular emphasis on the humanity of Christ and also therefore in the Christian religion; the adaptation of piety, prayer and virtue to human nature as a key condition for it to flourish was advanced through it… > Read more