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Biblical Spirituality

The Bible is the foundational text for all forms of Christian spirituality. By analysing and interpreting Bible texts and Biblically inspired texts – the so-called ‘spiritual hermeneutics’ – it is possible to bring-to-light spiritual processes and experiential models, and to articulate the ‘key words’ of Christian spirituality. Foundational research is directed to the spirituality of the Psalms and the New Testament. The relationship to practice (e.g. performance, the Daily Office) is given particular attention but the primary focus of the research remains theoretical, particularly with regard to methods and foundations of Biblical spirituality. Crucial here, is that the work is embedded in an international research network.

Key publications
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– Kees Waaijman, Hoe streelt jouw zegging mijn gehemelte. De spiritualiteit van psalm 119, Kampen (Ten Have) 2012.
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