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Fellow Meeting June 21-22, 2017

Students and scholars from over the world can join the TBI-fellowship platform. The TBI-fellowship platform is a multi-disciplinary network of doctoral students, postdocs, and scholars doing research in the field of mystical and spiritual studies.

Twice a year, a TBI-fellow meeting is organized where papers and other research results are shared and discussed. TBI-fellows also receive especially invitation to participate in conferences organized by the institute.

If you want to become a TBI-fellow, please send your cv and a description of your research project(s) to Marc.deKesel@titusbrandsmainstituut.nl . You will be accepted as TBI-fellow, once the TBI scientific board has approved your application.



Wednesday  JUNE 21st

11.30:                    Inigo Bocken/ Marc De Kesel, Welcome + Presentation of the TBI (in E12.06)

11.45:                    Round table in which the participants present their projects (in E12.06)

13.00:                    Lunch (in Refter)

14.00:                   Lecture by Marc De Kesel (Titus Brandsma Institute)

Linear Perspective & the Crisis of Religion: On Johannes Hoff’s Concept of ‘Analogical Turn’ (in E1.17)

16.00                     Coffee Break

16.30:                   Liesbeth Eugelink,

On Charly Coleman, The Virtues of Abandon: An Anti-Individualist History of the French Enlightenment, Stanford UP, 2014 (in E12.06)

17.00:                    Susann Kabisch

Thinking as spiritual experience? The staging of a prayer in Nicholas of Cusa, De visione Dei (in E12.06)

17.30:                   Simon Burton

Mystical Union and Imputation in Nicholas of Cusa’s Sermon 241 (in E12.06)

18.00:                    Diner (in town)


Thursday  JUNE 22nd

10.00:                   Marc De Kesel, Spirituality and the Social (in E12.06)

11.00:                   Discussing De Kesel’s presentation (in E12.06)

12.00:                    Lunch (in Refter)


If you want to be invited to this TBI-Fellow Meeting, please send a mail to marc.dekesel@titusbrandsmainstituut.nl