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The mystical tradition is an important source for lived spirituality, also in our time. Critical, scientific research is necessary for looking at this tradition in relation to the theological and spiritual questions of our time. Engaging with texts arising out of the mystical tradition calls for a measured and systematic approach to discernment. There are two core aspects to this area of research: critical research into the concept of mysticism, and research into the processes of transformation (‘mystagogy’) which, in mystical texts, find their expression and meaning through lived spirituality. Thus, the mystical dimensions of authors which at first sight do not seem to belong to the canon of mystical texts (e.g. Sören Kierkegaard etc.) can be viewed in this way.

Key Publications
– Jos Huls, Faith in the Face of Death. An Interpretation of Kierkegaard’s Meditations on Abraham’s Sacrifice. In: Studies in Spirituality, 21 (2011), 297-337.
– Jos Huls, The Minne-Journey. Beatrice of Nazareth’s ‘Seven Ways of Minne’. Mystical Process and Mystagogical Implications (Fiery Arrow, Vol. 9), Leuven (Peeters) 2013.