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Lived spirituality encompasses an extensive and multiform domain of experience. Within this are not only the recognised schools of spirituality but also the less discussed forms of primordial spirituality, to say nothing of the many contrary and recalcitrant figures.

Research is needed to get under the surface of this multiform phenomenon, in order to discover and describe the dynamic of the movements of divine-human relationship. This research into spirituality is made available and put forward for discussion in various publications. The publications with which the Titus Brandsma Institute is a co-contributor, concern both the past and the present.

  • Studies which make the past accessible include, among others: text editions, translations, commentaries, form-descriptive studies, models of appropriation and processes etc.
  • Studies out of the present, concern contemporary insights and experiences within the field of spirituality.

The Titus Brandsma Institute is involved in a variety of publishing activities such as:

  • co-publisher and with sole publishing responsibility
  • the editor of a series
  • participants in the editing of a journal