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Spirituality in Modern Society

In recent decades there has been a broad interest in Spirituality in Moderne Society; a collective term for a multitude of practices and contents.

Sometimes it is about forms of spirituality that explicitly distance themselves from traditional religious institutions and beliefs. It regularly involves forms in which elements of the Christian spirituality tradition, and especially mysticism, are included.

The Spirituality in Modern Society research line investigates the place of that Christian spirituality tradition in contemporary society. This tradition offers starting points for new forms of philosophy and meaning as well as an invitation to a necessary critical reflection on dominant forms of spirituality.

This line of research has the following topics:

  • Theory of Spirituality in Modern Society
  • Spirituality in education
  • Spirituality in visual arts and music
  • In-company projects

If you want to know more about our research into Spirituality in Modern Society, please contact Herman Westerink.