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Bezinningsdag voor het Generaal Kapittel van de Karmel verzorgd door Anne-Marie Bos

In september vond in Rome de wereldwijde vergadering (Generaal Kapittel van de Karmel) plaats, die elke zes jaar gehouden wordt en waarbij een nieuw bestuur gekozen wordt. Midden in de drie weken die dit Generaal Kapittel in beslag nam, was een dag van retraite ingepland. Anne-Marie Bos, zuster Karmeliet en wetenschappelijk medewerker van het Titus Brandsma Instituut, was gevraagd deze bezinningsdag te verzorgen. Zij hield twee conferenties over Titus Brandsma. In de eerste conferentie las ze met de kapittelleden de kruiswegmeditaties die Titus Brandsma in de gevangenis van Scheveningen schreef, en in de tweede conferentie sprak zij over Titus Brandsma’s concept van mystiek als een prachtige uitwisseling tussen God en de mensheid. Hier volgt een verkort verslag (in het Engels):

… The second week of the Chapter began with a day of recollection and discernment. Morning Prayer and Eucharist were presided over by William Harry, provincial of the American Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mary. In his homily, reflecting on the Gospel of the day, Fr. William drew the attention to the fact that we often find experiences and expressions of faith where we least expect them.

Anne-Marie Bos, a sister of the Dutch Province, gave two meditations to the chapter members. The morning meditation was on the Way of the Cross written by Bl. Titus Brandsma in his prison cell of Scheveningen. Sr. Anne-Marie commented on Titus’ text placing them in the context of Titus’ own experience during the period when he wrote it and of other writings of Titus whilst highlighting its meaning for ourselves. This morning session was followed by a period of silent prayer and reflection.

In the evening Session, Anne-Marie reflected on Titus’ concept of mysticism as the beautiful exchange between God and humanity. Mysticism is never completely divine nor solely human. It is precisely the meeting point between both. This is a vocation for all, not just the few. In his spiritual experience Titus was led to be on the lookout for God present in his time and society and to defend and stand up for a true concept of God. All this led Titus to make important contributions in the field of education, convinced that this was a high form of ministry, where the human person could be introduced to the Truth and initiated to a living experience of Faith.
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